We’re a team of developers, movers, and shakers dedicated to turning everyday Wix websites into memorable digital experiences.

We’re your go-to expert for all things WIX and Corvid. We stay on top of the company’s releases and developments, and offer deep expertise in the platform’s functions and capabilities. Whether you need a quick snippet of code, a complex set of custom integrations, or you’re looking to build an app for your start-up, our skilled specialists can tailor a solution that gets your website in gear, and leaves your business working better than ever.
What We Do

Building Better Businesses

We help designers and start-ups create exceptional digital experiences that blend interface, performance, and function. From full-scale app development to advanced Wix customization, we deliver elegant development solutions that transform ordinary websites into powerful business tools.

Our services

Development. Creation. Innovation.

Your website is the heart and soul of your business. It’s where you introduce the world to your brand, and where you inspire them to take action. Luckily, our team of expert developers and Wix code specialists can ensure you have a digital HQ that is every bit as authentic, compelling, and memorable as you are.


Creative and savvy, the Code Enhancement crew has the proven process and talent needed to deliver stunning and sophisticated web development solutions. Whether you need help with app customization, API integration, prototyping, or a unique function, our studio knows how to ensure your Wix website flys on all cylinders, and stands out in the crowd.

Corvid development

We design solutions for Wix

Our deep knowledge of Wix’s code system, Corvid, allows us to unlock the full potential of your website. We’ll tailor code that optimizes your website’s performance and transforms your brand experience.

App & Prototype Development

Looking to create a new digital tool or an app? We’ll help you realize your vision by creating a Corvid-backed prototype. Our rapid development cycle will let you see your concept in action, and give you the ability to test and refine your big idea.

Wix's App

We help web designers and business owners with specific needs customize Wix apps to better suit their unique needs. Our Corvid based dev can fuel a range of functions and systems, and can help you achieve your project goals.


Want the systems and applications that power your business to work nicely together? Our skilled developers use all the capabilites of Corvid to mary your systems to your Wix website and create a cohesive extension of your business that is as easy to manage as it is to navigate.

Market Expertise

Part of the Team

Creative and versatile, Code Enhancement Studio employs an adaptable approach to development. We are happy to act as project lead, to partner with a designer or agency, or to augment your business’ internal efforts. 


We frequently support members of Wix’s Partner Partogram, and we have a vast network of designers, copywriters, and industry specialists we can bring on to most any project.

Who We Are

Your Partner in Performance

Code Enhancement Studio is made up of a forward-thinking network of coders, developers, and Wix Corvid specialists. We bring a wealth of experience to every project we partner on, and we’re committed to seeing our clients succeed.


Collaborative and adaptable, we’re active in the Wix and Corvid design communities, and endlessly interested in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on Wix, and on the web.

Work With Us

Let’s Create Together

Ready to enhance your website? Drop us a line to tell us a bit about who you are and what you’re up to, and let’s talk about how we can help your project succeed, and push your business forward.

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